PERABOI & YKPI Invite Tenggarong Society to Reduce Cancer Rate

PERABOI & YKPI Invite Tenggarong Society to Reduce Cancer Rate

Along with the increase in the incidence of cancer in Indonesia, PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Surgical Oncologists) is increasingly active in conducting community service activities, one of which is talk shows about breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Guided by veteran artist and comedian Tukul Arwana, a talkshow was held at the Tenggarong Regent Hall, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Saturday (10/19).

Chairperson of PERABOI Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said that since it was ratified as an organization child of the Indonesian Association of Surgical Specialists (IKABI) and a member of the World Federation of Surgical Oncology Society (WFSOS) in 1984, PERABOI which consisted of surgeons specializing in surgery Indonesia has carried out various activities. “Not only to preserve the development of oncology surgery with scientific meetings, but also to the community to remote areas, conduct social services or socialization about cancer, as is currently done in Tenggarong District with talkshow packages,” said the doctor who practices at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital.

This, added Dr. Walta, was done by PERABOI to respond to the fact that cancer has become a disease that has received worldwide attention. All countries in the world, continued by Walta, are working hard to reduce the incidence of advanced cancer as well as reduce mortality. “Including breast cancer, the average patient comes to the doctor at an advanced stage. This factor actually causes the death rate from cancer to be high. But if they come to the doctor at an early stage the chances of being cured are very high. Can reach 98%, “said Dr. Walta again.

Observing this condition, the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), responded seriously through its work programs. “This condition is really very alarming and increasingly disturbing and motivating us YKPI to increasingly work to reduce the incidence of advanced stage breast cancer in Indonesia,” said Linda Agum Gumelar, Chair and founder of YKPI.

Linda further explained the treatment of this deadly disease was not cheap. Through various YKPI programs that she leads, Linda explained efforts to prevent early stages of advanced breast cancer by promoting early detection through breast self-examination (breast self-examination) to several areas to remote areas of the country. Since 2015, YKPI has become the only non-profit organization in Indonesia that focuses on breast cancer that has a mobile mammography unit. As of April 2019, there were 13,214 people who had performed mammography with 1,973 results (14.8%) known to have benign tumors and 203 people (1.5%) had malignant tumors. “Those suspected of having tumors are immediately referred for further clinical examinations at the hospital, so that the cancer can be treated clinically immediately and the cost of treatment also does not become high,” added the former minister of women’s empowerment and child protection for the United Indonesia cabinet.

Another YKPI program, continued Linda, is the management of the YKPI Shelter for BPJS class II patients, in the Anggrek Nelly Murni Slipi area, West Jakarta, and cancer patient companion training. At the international level, YKPI is active as a member of Reach to Recovery International (RRI) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), an organization that represents nearly 2,000 organizations in 170 countries. “In the future, YKPI plans to realize the existence of chemotherapy cars as an effort to pick up the ball by visiting outpatients who have to do chemotherapy. And, we will also host the South East Asia Breast Cancer Symphosium for around 250 participants from all over the country from home and abroad in July 2020, “concluded Linda who was also convicted of breast cancer in 1996.

With a vision of becoming a professional organization that is able to bring its members into the leading sub specialty doctors of Surgical Oncology in Asia, PERABOI said Dr. Walta will continue to play an active role in improving the quality of oncology services and educating the public about cancer through various media channels. “Today starts from the Tenggarong community, let’s recognize cancer and we play an active role in reducing the incidence of cancer, especially advanced cancer in Indonesia,” concluded Dr. Walta, agreed by Linda Agum.

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