Becoming Viral: A Medicine for Cancer. This is What YKPI Says

Becoming Viral: A Medicine for Cancer. This is What YKPI Says

For the last few days information circulating about the production of “bajakah” local plants in Central Kalimantan was said to cure breast cancer, which has been studied by two high school students in Palangka Raya.

Bajakah is actually the name for the trunks that are part of a plant. The term “bajakah” plants does not yet refer to certain species.

Responding to the news, YKPI Chair Linda Agum Gumelar said YKPI gave appreciation to school children who had found the Bajakah plant as an antioxidant for cancer.

“I appreciate our outstanding children who are internationally recognized at the high school level, but we also invite further research to be clinically tested, if it can cure breast cancer,” said Linda, who was met after the Dwi Windu YKPI event at the National Library of Jakarta, Thursday (8/22).

If it is considered clinically according to Linda, it certainly needs a gradual research, whereas until now it has not been known what causes breast cancer.

“The point is that we encourage that the findings can be followed up by clinical researches,” she said. She also appealed to related parties to be able to control the Bajakah plants which were freely labeled in e-commerce.

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