Be Aware, Breast Cancer May Attack Young People

Be Aware, Breast Cancer May Attack Young People

The Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta, as the national center for cancer, has treated breast cancer patients aged 16-21 years. This confirms that breast cancer does not attack adult women only. Men of all ages could also develop breast cancer, despite the number of patents is relatively small. Dr. Bob Andinata SpB(K)Onk said it to around 500 participants of the YKPI-LSPR Goes to Campus virtual talkshow.

Delivering the presentation titled “Early Detection of Breast Cancer; When to Start?”, the doctor who is currently the Head of Early Detection & Health Promotion Installation at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital, encouraged participants to take early detection at a young age.

“Because if it is detected early, breast cancer can be treated before it spreads to other parts of the body. We may not know the cause of cancer, but the signs and symptoms can be easily recognized, such as the presence of a painless lump in the breast or nipple. Even so, not all lumps are the signs of breast cancer,” he said.

As dr. Bob said, no one knows for sure about the cause of breast cancer in young women. However, there are several contributors that create a possibility for young women getting breast cancer, such as due to hormonal factor, unbalanced lifestyle, or heredity. Furthermore, dr. Bob explained that the incidence of cancer under 30 years old is relatively small.

“We mostly found painless lumps or benign tumors. If it is ignored, it will get bigger. And if it is not examined, the lump may develop into malignant tumor,” said dr. Bob.

According to dr. Bob, there is no other way but surgery to remove benign tumor. “But the surgery technique surely upholds aesthetics factor, so that the wound line is hidden between the areola line,” explained the specialist who frequently promotes the importance of early detection.

He further said that beside painless benign tumor, there is also lump with pain. Since the patient will feel pain, it allows the patient not to be ignorant and immediately seek treatment.

“But again, not all lumps in the breast are confirmed to be cancer. It must be checked first,” he emphasized.

To recognize the presence or absence of cancer, we must know the risk factors of breast cancer. “There are two risk factors. The first is factors that can be modified such as unmarried woman, not breastfeeding, have no baby, or obesity. While the second is factors that cannot be modified, such as family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer,” explained dr. Bob.

Based on Globocan 2018 data, breast cancer is the highest incidence of cancer in women in Indonesia, with an annual incidence of 58,256 cases. “If it is calculated, then there are 6 women per hour are developing breast cancer in Indonesia,” said dr. Bob.

This worrying condition can actually be prevented as early as possible by doing BSE (Breast Self-Examination) and clinical breast examination. For BSE, it can be done every month on days 7-10 from the first day of menstruation.

“If (your menstruation period) is not regular, you may use the birth-day. While for clinical breast examination, it can be done in accordance with age due because it uses equipment both for USG and mammography. For young women whose age under 20 years, just do it once,” explained dr. Bob.

If another lump is found around the breast after being removed through surgery, according to dr. Bob, there is no need to worry. He advised not to delay medical examination in order to find out whether the lump is malignant or not. Pandemic should not be considered as a barrier for seeking treatment.

“Of course, stay alert by choosing hospitals that are not Covid-19 reference. The point is to do early detection and screening as early as possible, because the earlier it is known, then the chance of a cure is 100 percent,” ended dr. Bob.

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