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Christmas Behind the Roof of the Shelter House

Jakarta, YKPI – Four women line up in front of a glass dining table. On it, a rice basket and a bowl of orange curry that tantalize the
tongue side by side with various side dishes.

The four women who came from Pontianak, Bengkulu, and Banten had just returned from the church in Slipi, West Jakarta, after celebrating Christmas.

“There are some Christians who celebrate Christmas at the Shelter House,” said the manager of the YKPI Shelter House (Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation), Nani Firmansyah on Thursday (12/26).

Heart-moving for sure. Christmas which is usually celebrated by an extended family at home town did not happen for the four women. Treatment of breast cancer that is currently underway, requires them to go back and forth to the Rumah Dharmais Hospital and Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta, to undergo treatment.

“By chance they did not return to their home town, and I also had free time to cook simple side dishes,” said Nani.

“We had lunch together after they returned from church,” she continued.

To note, YKPI Shelter located at Jalan Anggrek Neli Murni Number A38, Slipi, West Jakarta was established on February 2, 2017. This shelter has 28 rooms, consisting of 14 patient beds, and 14 beds for companions. There are also bathroom facilities, kitchen, and family guest room. YKPI Shelter only charges patients IDR 15,000 per night for clean-up cost.


Japong Cries in Gratefulness as She Can Stay at Rumah Singgah YKPI

Liau Jan Fang could not hold back her tears when asked about the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation Shelter (Rumah Singgah YKPI), which is located on Jalan Anggrek Neli Murni No. A38, Slipi, West Jakarta. The woman from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, can only be grateful because she does not need to worry about the cost of living, while undergoing breast cancer treatment at Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta.

“It’s convenient being at this YKPI Shelter. The hospital is nearby. If I am not feel sick in my body, I might walk to Dharmais,” said Jan Fang or who is fondly dubbed ‘Mrs. Japong’.

Japong said at first she felt her right breast hardened even though she was not menstruating. After consulting with a doctor, Japong was advised to take hormone drugs. But the results are zero. She also tried a variety of herbal treatments, which also ended up in failure.

“Already a variety of herbs have been tried, such as “bajakah”, it has also been tried. But no luck,” she said.

Finally, Japong flew to Jakarta alone to seek treatment at Dharmais Cancer Hospital. On her first day in the capital, she cried because she did not have relatives.

“I was confused, I’ve never been to Jakarta. I sat down and kept crying. Because I cried a lot, a  woman approached me. She was a reverend, She told me about Rumah Singgah YKPI,” said Japong who finally agreed to live in Rumah Singgah YKPI. In addition to the reasons for low cost, also she has many friends to stay.


Ignoring Lumps, Derma Got Malignant Breast Cancer

Derma regretted never having made an early detection of breast cancer, after finding out there was a lump in her right breast and it felt hot in mid-2018 last year. She thought, it was just an ordinary lump. But over time the lump feels annoying, and often returns when menstruating.

“Then after the 8th month I consulted with my younger siblings, then checked into the hospital. I was biopsied by a doctor, and the 9th month out of his PA, it turned out to lead to malignant cancer,” said Derma.

Derma is limp. She did not expect to be burdened by this deadly disease. Moreover, the woman from Bengkulu, still has two children.

“My world has collapsed, and I cannot tell my children. I feel that with this disease, I have been cursed by God,” she said.

In the midst of this despair, Derma met Esther, her friend who also had breast cancer. Incidentally, at the end of 2018 Esther had just returned from undergoing treatment at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta.

Esther, said Derma, is currently encouraging her not to despair. She was reminded that breast cancer was not a curse, but has potential in the entire human body.

“Honestly, when Esther told me to go to Jakarta, I actually thought about money. Because there was no fund. But Esther said that BPJS was responsible,” said Derma.

At Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Derma does not only undergo breast removal surgery. She also had surgery to remove the ovaries, because the cancer had seeped into the reproductive organs.

“I am very grateful, because my fund is limited. The existence of the shelter house is a hope towards more health,” said Derma.

With Rumah Singgah YKPI , Derma now does not need to pay a large fee for lodging while undergoing treatment. Moreover, at Rumah Singgah YKPI she could get support and encouragement from other breast cancer survivors.

“This is also comfortable, with each other also mutual support, communication, giving supports. The hospital is close by in walk distance. So we have a lot of convenience,” she said.


Women Not Pregnant Yet Nor Breastfeeding Prone to Cancer

Women are not yet pregnant and are not breastfeeding prone to breast cancer Women who are not pregnant have the potential to develop breast cancer. The estrogen hormone in the breast is not channeled. It piles up, triggering the growth of lumps or growing flesh.

But that is just presumption. The exact cause is unknown. Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Surgical Oncologists (Peraboi) dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said the cause was related to hormones.

Women who have never been pregnant and breastfeeding make the breasts not resting. The breast glands themselves produce the hormone estrogen each coming phase of the month. “Estrogen is used by the uterus to be elastic when there are babies. The uterus uses estrogen from the breast, “explained dr. Walta to the media some time ago.

Not pregnant and breastfeeding, the risk factors increase. People aged 40-50 years have great potential. But even in their 20s, they remain vulnerable. Generally, the main complaint is the presence of a lump felt in the breast. But there are lumps that are visible, some are not. To find out is to do an ultrasound and mammography.

“The initial symptoms are usually just lumps. Whether you want it small or large, you have to check it, “said dr. Walta.

Therefore, the key is in early detection. Treating cancer is said not to be postponed. The more delayed medical treatment, stadium status will rise. The worst possibility is death for the sufferer. “There was once a viral some traditional plants in curing cancer. What’s important is don’t leave the medical treatment behind. If you can take a lump, take it. Because it’s the best way, “added dr. Walta.


Don’t be afraid to see a doctor, Let’s Understand It

Never too late to learn. Even though she has been convicted of breast cancer and is willing to lose one breast on the operating table, it does not prevent the two heroines from Kab. Tenggarong Sri (43) and Kartini (56) explore BSE (Check Your Own Breasts).

“It’s better to be late than never. I now want to talk to mothers. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor, let’s be aware, ” said Sri, who is a housewife, was full of enthusiasm when she took part in the socialization of early detection of breast cancer and BSE ToT at AM Parikesit Tenggarong Hospital, East Kalimantan.

Sri, who also opened a food stall at her residence, admitted that she was afraid that a nurse or doctor would shop at her shop. “Moreover, my house is near the health center. If I see them I will definitely run away, faint and excited. I am afraid because I have been sentenced by a doctor when I only have 3 months left because of breast cancer, “said Sri Diamini Kartini, who had the same fate as having her breast removed.

Now, Sri and Kartini are even diligent in inviting mothers who have breast cancer to not delay the medical examination. “Because treatment to an alternative is not cured, even a lot of money runs out, ultimately to the doctor too. Previously we were really scared of doctors, now we are doctor’s friends, “Kartini added.

Together with around 100 participants in the early detection of breast cancer and TOT SADARI organized by YKPI (Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation) in collaboration with PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Oncology Surgeons), Sri and Kartini claimed that early socialization of breast cancer was important and committed to be disseminated to family members and residents around.

Meanwhile Vira (20) and Wida (20), both students of the Muhammadiyah University of East Kalimantan, representing participants from young people said they were very happy to be involved in TOT. “This is our first time participating in TOT BSE. I am very happy to know in advance about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and practice of BSE, ” said Vira, welcomed by Wida with enthusiasm.

Besides being active as students, Vira and Wida joined the Samarinda Cancer Support community. Also present were around 30 other women’s organizations combined in addition to Dharma Wanita, Dharma Pertiwi and of course PKK Tenggarong District leaders led by Mrs. Regent Maslianawati. “I welcome this activity, it is extraordinary. Very useful and hopefully more and more people are aware of the importance of early detection, “said Chairman of the District PKK Mobilizing Team, Tenggarong

On this occasion, Dr. Abdul Rachman SpB (K) Onk, representing PERABOI said the incidence of breast cancer was still the highest in women in Indonesia. “Therefore, this socialization is very important in order to reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer. Currently based on data from the Dharmais Cancer Hospital (RSKD) as the National Cancer Referral Center, it is known that 56% of patients treated by RSKD are breast cancer patients. Where 70% is known to be in an advanced stage,” said Dr. Abdul, who practices daily at the District Hospital. Tangerang.

Responding to this, YKPI was represented by Titien Pamudji urging breast cancer patients to be open and not afraid to see a doctor. “Breast cancer patients should not close themselves. I am a survivor, YKPI Chairwoman Linda Agum is also a survivor, but we can be healthy until now and still move. Because we checked ourselves from the beginning. Not postpone it. I hope mothers do too,” exclaimed Titien, who is currently still struggling to defeat her cancer.

TOT SADARI which was led by Dr. Hardinah Sabrida MARS was welcomed enthusiastically by the participants. Previously, Dr. Hardinah explained about breast cancer, its causes and risk factors. “If every month we regularly do breast self-examination we will find out whether there are abnormalities in our breasts. Abnormalities in the breast is not necessarily cancer. Do not panic and immediately consult a doctor, “said Dr. Hardinah again.


PERABOI & YKPI Invite Tenggarong Society to Reduce Cancer Rate

Along with the increase in the incidence of cancer in Indonesia, PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Surgical Oncologists) is increasingly active in conducting community service activities, one of which is talk shows about breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Guided by veteran artist and comedian Tukul Arwana, a talkshow was held at the Tenggarong Regent Hall, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Saturday (10/19).

Chairperson of PERABOI Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said that since it was ratified as an organization child of the Indonesian Association of Surgical Specialists (IKABI) and a member of the World Federation of Surgical Oncology Society (WFSOS) in 1984, PERABOI which consisted of surgeons specializing in surgery Indonesia has carried out various activities. “Not only to preserve the development of oncology surgery with scientific meetings, but also to the community to remote areas, conduct social services or socialization about cancer, as is currently done in Tenggarong District with talkshow packages,” said the doctor who practices at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital.

This, added Dr. Walta, was done by PERABOI to respond to the fact that cancer has become a disease that has received worldwide attention. All countries in the world, continued by Walta, are working hard to reduce the incidence of advanced cancer as well as reduce mortality. “Including breast cancer, the average patient comes to the doctor at an advanced stage. This factor actually causes the death rate from cancer to be high. But if they come to the doctor at an early stage the chances of being cured are very high. Can reach 98%, “said Dr. Walta again.

Observing this condition, the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), responded seriously through its work programs. “This condition is really very alarming and increasingly disturbing and motivating us YKPI to increasingly work to reduce the incidence of advanced stage breast cancer in Indonesia,” said Linda Agum Gumelar, Chair and founder of YKPI.

Linda further explained the treatment of this deadly disease was not cheap. Through various YKPI programs that she leads, Linda explained efforts to prevent early stages of advanced breast cancer by promoting early detection through breast self-examination (breast self-examination) to several areas to remote areas of the country. Since 2015, YKPI has become the only non-profit organization in Indonesia that focuses on breast cancer that has a mobile mammography unit. As of April 2019, there were 13,214 people who had performed mammography with 1,973 results (14.8%) known to have benign tumors and 203 people (1.5%) had malignant tumors. “Those suspected of having tumors are immediately referred for further clinical examinations at the hospital, so that the cancer can be treated clinically immediately and the cost of treatment also does not become high,” added the former minister of women’s empowerment and child protection for the United Indonesia cabinet.

Another YKPI program, continued Linda, is the management of the YKPI Shelter for BPJS class II patients, in the Anggrek Nelly Murni Slipi area, West Jakarta, and cancer patient companion training. At the international level, YKPI is active as a member of Reach to Recovery International (RRI) and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), an organization that represents nearly 2,000 organizations in 170 countries. “In the future, YKPI plans to realize the existence of chemotherapy cars as an effort to pick up the ball by visiting outpatients who have to do chemotherapy. And, we will also host the South East Asia Breast Cancer Symphosium for around 250 participants from all over the country from home and abroad in July 2020, “concluded Linda who was also convicted of breast cancer in 1996.

With a vision of becoming a professional organization that is able to bring its members into the leading sub specialty doctors of Surgical Oncology in Asia, PERABOI said Dr. Walta will continue to play an active role in improving the quality of oncology services and educating the public about cancer through various media channels. “Today starts from the Tenggarong community, let’s recognize cancer and we play an active role in reducing the incidence of cancer, especially advanced cancer in Indonesia,” concluded Dr. Walta, agreed by Linda Agum.


PERABOI, YKPI and KODIM 0906 Tenggarong Open the Reading Clinic in Ulin Park

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation, Linda Agum Gumelar, inaugurated the PERABOI Kodim 0906 / Tenggarong clinic at the celebration of the 74th TNI Anniversary in Ulin Park, Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara District, East Kalimantan, Saturday (10/19).

Initiated by Kodim 0906 / Tenggarong (Military District Command), the activity is a series of socialization activities for early detection of breast cancer and ToT “Sadari” conducted by PERABOI and YKPI. “YKPI has often collaborated with associations of oncology surgeons across Indonesia, PERABOI. Our arrival in Kukar Regency is in the framework of the month of caring for breast cancer internationally. We certainly welcome the Kodim 0906 initiative. Because by opening a reading clinic many people will love to read and we hope that more people will know about cancer, “Linda said.

In his remarks the commander of Kodim 0906 / Tgr Lt. Col. Inf. Charles Alling said “We create a new paradigm if reading must have a creative setting so that it becomes a special attraction, if we still use the old paradigm of placing reading clinics or mini libraries in hidden and invisible places then it cannot be directly seen by our society, “explained Charles.

In the same place the Chairperson of PERABOI, Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said that the reading clinic is expected to increase the quality of human resources, one of which is through the method of reading likes intended for all groups of children, teenagers and people adult.

Attending the inauguration ceremony were Regent of Kutai Kartanegara Drs.Edi Damansyah MSi, Acting Director of Aji Muhammad Parikesit Hospital Dr. Martina. Sp. Op. Finamis, Mars, Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Koorcab Rem 091 PD VI / Mulawarman, Persit Kartika Candra Kirana XVlll Branch, Bayangkari Kukar Regional Police and famous comedian Tukul Arwana. Starting today, the public can enjoy reading clinics free of charge.


Breast Cancer Cure Rate Reaches 90%, YKPI & PERABOI Call for Early Detection

The number of cancer patients throughout the world continues to increase significantly. The addition of this number is in line with the world’s population which is also increasing. The death rate from cancer also looks high. Based on the results of research on 185 countries with a deeper look at 36 types of cancer, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts cancer will be the number one cause of death in the world at the end of this century when compared with stroke or heart which in many countries is declining.

In Indonesia alone, based on the 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) shows an increase in the prevalence of cancer and tumors of 1.79 per 1000 population compared to 2013 which was 1.4 per 1000 population. The incidence of cancer in Indonesia occurred at 136.6 per 100,000 population, ranked 8th in Southeast Asia and 23rd in Asia. For the types of cancer that most attack the people of Indonesia are different in each sex. For men, lung cancer is 19.4 per 100,000 population. Then followed by liver cancer of 12.4 per 100,000 population. While the highest incidence of women is breast cancer at 42.1 per 100,000 population and cervical cancer at 23.4 per 100,000 population.

Chairman of PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Surgical Oncologists) Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk emphasized that despite the high incidence of breast cancer, the cure rate was also high. It can even reach more than 90%. “Of course the cure rate is obtained if the patient comes for treatment at stage zero. The higher the stadium, the more therapeutic modalities needed and the higher costs,” added dr. Walta, at an early breast cancer socialization event, in Ruhui Rahayu’s room, the East Kalimantan Governor’s Office, Samarinda, Friday (18/10).

In response to this, the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) is increasingly motivated to work harder to support government programs in reducing the incidence of advanced breast cancer in Indonesia through its work program. The chairman and founder of YKPI, Linda Agum Gumelar, said that his party would continue to disseminate the importance of early detection to the corners of the country. Coinciding with October as an international breast cancer care month, Linda continued, YKPI picked up the ball of community service activities from PERABOI conducted in Samarinda and Tenggarong to build public awareness of the incidence of advanced breast cancer. “At the same time supporting those who are struggling to defeat breast cancer in order to remain enthusiastic and optimistic,” Linda added, the former Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection of the United Indonesia Cabinet was full of enthusiasm.

Linda expressed public concern and support for breast cancer survivors can reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer. This was felt by Linda who had struggled against breast cancer. “I was convicted of suffering from breast cancer in 1996. Of course at that time I could not accept, sad, angry, because only death was imagined. However, support, enthusiasm and affection from family, friends, and everyone who cares can turn out to be the most effective medicine in accompanying the difficult times battling cancer and undergoing all stages of doctor’s treatment. Without it all, I would not be here, “Linda said again.

Since its establishment on August 19, 2003, according to Linda, YKPI has focused more on preventive efforts, one of which is by socializing the importance of early detection of breast cancer through breast self-examination and operating the only Mobile Mammography Unit in Indonesia, supported by the Medical Team Dharmais Cancer Hospital since 2015.

Linda realizes that the spread of information about breast cancer in Indonesia has not been evenly distributed, even there are still myths in community groups that encourage the rise of non-medical treatment. There is also a group of people who still feel ashamed of being sentenced to breast cancer even though it is just an early stage and chose to shut himself up and delay medical treatment. “This is what also triggers the high incidence of advanced breast cancer. For that, let’s do BSE regularly at home, the way you can see it on YKPI’s website or social media like Instagram or Facebook. And, immediately consult a doctor if there are abnormalities in the breast. For example feels a lump or change in the nipple. Because this cancer has no symptoms and we will not feel pain at first, so early detection is important, “Linda added.

Previously at Aji Muhammad Parikesit Hospital in Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, a socialization on breast cancer detection and TOT Self-Awareness (Self Breast Examination) was also held. The chief executive of community service activities Dr. Abdul Rachman SpB (K) Onk said the socialization event would be attended by 100 participants representing representatives of women’s organizations and institutions in Tenggarong. “PERABOI in collaboration with YKPI hopes that this activity will continue later, transmitted to mothers and other organizations so that information about breast cancer will be evenly distributed,” said the chairman of the PERABOI community service.


The First Cancer Surgery in Indonesia

A total of 52 cancer patients were operated on en masse by oncologists who are members of PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Surgical Oncologists), in Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Sunday (10/20). This mass cancer surgery is the first and largest in Indonesia.

The Chairman of PERABOI, Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said the operation was carried out in two places. “Major surgery for 7 patients was performed at AM Parikesit Tenggarong Regional Hospital. While 45 other people performed minor operations in the Regent’s hall, “added Dr. Walta.

Furthermore, Dr. Walta explained that the operation carried out by his party included skin cancer, lymphedema, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and facial cancer free of charge. “This is PERABOI’s social service activities as a form of our dedication to the community,” continued Dr. Walta.

The word oncology said by Walta often still feels strange to the ear. He hopes that the term which comes from Greek is not feared and is familiar in the community. Oncology, continued Dr. Walta, is a branch of medical science that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. “So oncology is a specialized health science in handling cancer, from cancer screening to palliative care,” said Dr. Walta again.

Furthermore Dr. Walta explained that an oncologist was responsible for diagnosing cancer, determining the right treatment plan, managing and monitoring the course of treatment, as well as preventive measures from recurrence of the cancer itself.
Since 1984, oncologists in Indonesia formed PERABOI. “So far, many people think that PERABOI’s image is only to deal with breast cancer. But actually PERABOI treats cancer as a whole including thyroid cancer, head neck cancer, skin cancer, soft tissue cancers such as muscle and subcutaneous tissue, starting from early detection, diagnostics, therapy including reconstruction after tumor removal, chemotherapy and treatment of several complications post-surgery, “said Dr. Walta.

At PERABOI’s 35th year, Dr. Walta hopes that people who are not served by BPJS or those who are less able to get access to proper medical therapy from the start can enjoy the surgical services of these experts. “In the future this will certainly motivate the readiness and availability of qualified oncology surgeons in every region in Indonesia, so that cancer patients can seek treatment at their place of origin without having to go to Jakarta or other big cities,” he explained.

PERABOI, continued by doctors who have many breast cancer patients, certainly requires a forum for cooperation in order to better introduce what is the domain of cancer treatment from PERABOI. “Together with the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation or YKPI under the leadership of Linda Linda Gumelar, we are collaborating in providing socialization and training in certified breast cancer survivors. YKPI very much helped PERABOI. In the future, PERABOI is open to collaborate with other organizations or institutions in handling cancer.

In addition to collaborating with YKPI and conducting social services, for 3 days PERABOI also held an Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT). Separately, Dr. Zainal Abidin SpB (K) Onk, chairman of the 25th PIT committee, said that with this meeting the community is expected to get to know cancer even further and don’t be afraid to go to the doctor. “Furnishings also hope that from this meeting the public will know more about future findings about the latest cancer treatments. Because at this time the handling of cancer is not only limited to surgery or chemotherapy, but also can be carried out almost perfect reconstruction even micro and super micro surgery can also be done. With this meeting, PERABOI is also expected to be a leader in managing multi-disciplinary cancers. So that we can handle it from the very beginning or from the beginning to the last stage of cancer, “explained Dr. Zainal.

Asked about the type of cancer with the highest number of patients, Dr. Zainal revealed the highest incidence of breast cancer. This is in line with YKPI’s efforts in suppressing the incidence of advanced stage breast cancer with one of the factors being the delay in treatment of patients from the area to Jakarta. “Lots of patients from the area who now live in YKPI shelter in the Jakarta Slipi area come to Jakarta already in an advanced stage condition, because besides being afraid and embarrassed to seek treatment also because there is no availability of treatment facilities in their home area,” said YKPI Chair Linda Gumelar who welcomed enthusiastically PERABOI’s efforts in handling cancer as far as the regions.

Dr. Zainal shared the same idea regarding the problem of handling cancer in remote areas or areas which became a challenge for PERABOI through its programs. One of them is with the social service of minor and major operations conducted in Tenggarong Regency. “We certainly hope that the operation will have an impact on the community in handling cancer, so that the community can feel the benefits immediately, no longer seek treatment because the area itself is now very supportive, the government is also very supportive and human resources are also available,” continued the doctor Surgical oncologist who practices at Abdul Wahab Sjahrani Hospital, Samarinda, East Kalimantan.


This is What Linda Gumelar Hoped for The National Health Day

Besides designated as National Father’s Day, November 12 is also commemorated National Health Day (HKN). In 2019, HKN turned to 55th anniversary.

Welcoming HKN, Chair of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), Linda Agum Gumelar hopes that health services to the community will be better. According to him, HKN is not just a warning but there is a meaning in it.

“We are from the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation and I personally hope for the improvement in health services to the community, especially in BPJS regulations that will provide services to the community,” Linda said after watching together the film “Free” in Jakarta, Thursday (07 / 11).

In addition, the Indonesian woman figure who once served as Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) of the United Indonesia Cabinet also hoped that the HKN warning would be used as a trigger for the community to maintain a better lifestyle.

“We also hope that people maintain a good lifestyle, so that it does not cause a disease. Therefore, lifestyle is very important. We want people to be healthy physically and mentally, “Linda said.

The celebration of HKN was first commemorated in 1959. At that time a symbolic Malaria spraying was carried out by President Soekarno.

After the symbolic spraying was carried out, counseling was also given with the aim of giving the community an understanding of the dangers of Malaria and so that they were more aware of it.

In the following years, the National Health Day (HKN) continues to be commemorated with the aim of providing health education and counseling for the people of Indonesia.