Anisah: It Turns Out That Cancer Medicine Is Sincerity

Anisah: It Turns Out That Cancer Medicine Is Sincerity

Once the doctor’s verdict was dropped Anisah could not be sincere yet. She gradually realized if sincerity was what strengthened her to date.

Jakarta – Anyone who is convicted of cancer will certainly feel haunted by death. Anisah is no exception. This 51-year-old woman from Cilegon never thought that when she first had a cancer examination she was already at a malignant level.

Starting in 2015, when Anisah felt a lump that was followed by thickening of the skin around her breasts. “At the time it happened that there was no oncologist who examined but general surgeon,” recalled the employee of the subsidiary of Krakatau Steel.

Until 2016, Anisah felt pain because the lumps and thickening never subsided and became increasingly painful. She finally decided to go to the Dharmais Hospital in Jakarta, equipped with medical recap and USG results from the hospital in his city.

“The doctor in Dharmais said that my lump was already malignant,” she said again on at a Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting in Indonesia some time ago.

There is nothing Anisah could do except crying. She never thought the initial examination stating that there was no problem meant making her a cancer patient. For women everywhere, breast cancer is a nightmare that ruins her confidence.

Luckily Anisah has a husband who supports her and always encourages her to live for her family. She went through a series of examinations accompanied by his beloved husband. To Anisa, the feelings of sadness, despair and destruction could no longer be stopped. Moreover, she had to take a series of medical therapies from a doctor, starting from radiation, chemotherapy and surgical removal of lumps in her breasts.

“Before the surgery, the doctor decided that all the lumps should be removed. Of course there were some obstacles at first, but thank God I could go through all that and be able to move again and be here now, “Anisah said again, saying cancer brought blessings to her life now.

Cancer according to Anisah is no longer synonymous with death but a warning from God. “This disease is like a cleanser of sins. This is a gift as well as a warning for me to live better. Death is the secret of God, whenever and wherever it can happen,” she said.

Anisah also advised not to delay conducting early detection. Besides of course, she still has to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mind. Beyond that, Anisah said again, it turned out that surrendering sincerely is the most efficacious medicine. “Do not think that treatment is easy and does not hurt. My thoughts of costs and matters of home and work. Not to mention having to go back and forth to the hospital until your hair is bald, ” she exclaimed recalling those difficult times. But Anisah was lucky, because her office supported the treatment and the recovery period. Her family always accompanied her faithfully.

“If only I was not sincere and continued to complain, I don’t know that I would be now,” she concluded inviting all breast cancer survivors to keep up the spirit and sincerity to do all medical actions. Well, it turned out that Anisah’s version of cancer medicine was sincerity.

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