9 out of 10 Lumps on Breast Not Cancer

9 out of 10 Lumps on Breast Not Cancer

Jakarta, Jurnas.com – Breast cancer always begins with the growth of lumps. But take it wrong. According to a specialist oncology at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta, Dr. Bob Andinata, Sp. B (K) Onk, 9 out of 10 lumps in the breast are not cancerous.

In the activity of ‘Bank Bukopin Health Month’ at the Head Office of Bank Bukopin Jakarta, dr. Bob explained if the lump was painful, it was generally a feature of the cyst. For cysts, the sufferer does not need to undergo surgery or chemotherapy.

“The important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to eat carelessly, and exercise regularly,” explained Dr. Bob to Jurnas.com.

Dr. Bob continued  that the cyst would disappear within two months after the lump is first felt. Unlike the case with breast cancer, where the lump gets bigger and bigger because it works by binding the skin to the tissue around the breast.

If the lump is breast cancer, it generally doesn’t hurt. This is what causes many people to consider cancer lumps trivial, and they just check it after the cancer enters the advanced stage.

“Breast cancer lumps in the early stages are not painful. This is dangerous because many consider it trivial,” he explained.

Therefore, in the framework of the World Cancer Day which falls on the 4th February 2019, Dr. Bob appealed to the women to do early detection of breasts, both by way of SADARI (Self Breast Check) and Sadanis (Clinical Breast Check).

The reason is that the earlier breast cancer is known, the higher the life expectancy.

“If 10 people seek treatment when they are in stage four, then five years later the remaining life is probably only two people. But if 10 people seek treatment at stage one, then five years later the 10 people are still alive, “he said.

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