74th Anniversary, Persit KCK Holds Free Mammography

74th Anniversary, Persit KCK Holds Free Mammography

In collaboration with The Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), the Wife of Soldiers Kartika Chandra Kirana (Persit KCK) held a free mammography examination to commemorate the 74th Birthday (HUT) last Wednesday (11/3).

KCK Chairman, Hetty Andhika Perkasa said that the activity that took place at the Indonesian National Army Headquarterswas in Jakarta was aimed at encouraging breast cancer screening early.

“Later when examined, if the results are poor, don’t be discouraged, don’t be afraid. This is what comes (check) for free. If you go to the hospital, maybe one person can pay for more than Rp. 300 thousand,” Hetty said on the occasion.

She said that breast cancer is generally triggered by two factors, namely internal and external ones. Internal factors are based on heredity, where a child is at risk of developing breast cancer from a mother who has breast cancer.

“If it’s the external factor, it’s a matter of lifestyle. That’s why lifestyle and eating patterns need to be changed. Because the internal factor is not up to 40 percent,” she explained.

The same thing was also shared by the surgeon and oncology specialist at the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD) Dr. Agus Sutarman Sp. B (Onk). According to him, getting used to a healthy lifestyle can minimize the risk of breast cancer.

He also stressed that breast cancer can be cured, when examined by a doctor in the early stages.

“Then why is the number so high? Because patients who come to the hospital have entered an advanced stage,” Agus said.

YKPI Chairperson Linda Agum Gumelar explained, in order to find out breast cancer from an early stage, it was necessary to be accustomed to practicing breast self-examination every month.

In addition to no cost, this method is also considered easy and simple, namely by palpating the breast to find out whether or not there are signs of breast cancer.

“But don’t assume that breast cancer is only experienced by women. Men too. Usually breast cancers to men are more violent,” said the former Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA).

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